Our Work

 We want to equip the children with life long skills that give them a purpose throughout their life. It is important that we find the different talents and interests that the children have and encourage them in those things. We often encourage dance, music, art and different kinds of thinking activities to help them to learn about what they excel in. It is also important to us that we share the Love of Christ with all those we come in contact with. The work is largely focused on teaming with parents of children with special needs to help equip and educate. We also want to advocate for orphaned children in our community and around the world with special needs. We feel bringing awareness and encouragement to families about how amazing life with a special needs child can be will normalize adoption and children with different needs.


1. Giving the children with special needs without parents of their own a loving family environment

3. A quality of life that motivates them to Love the Lord with there whole heart and want to continue learning.

2. Exciting and educating activities to be involved in as they learn and improve there motor skills.

4. An opportunity for families to become aware of these precious children who need adopting.

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