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Our Students


We believe in the hands of our students.

We believe they are crafted with purpose and power. We believe in their ability to create, communicate, celebrate, and contribute to their community.

We believe they are capable of MORE.

When: School runs from August to May from 8:30am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Who: We are now accepting applications for students ages 3-21 with mental and/or physical differences for the fall semester!

Tuition: $20,000.00/year

Apply Online OR Download, complete, and email application to

Tip: Download Adobe reader for free to be able to open and type directly on application!

beauty of different

Because we believe in the beauty found in differences, Journey School uses a variety of different therapies including but not limited to: speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and Son-Rise. Our students will focus on life and behavior skills needed to thrive in their homes and everyday activities. We will also have an academic focus on math, reading, science, and language arts. We want each child to have the freedom to focus on their individual talents and gifts while learning all they need to thrive as empowered individuals. Statistics are not optimistic when it comes to looking at how differing abilities affect the family unit, but we want to be a part of changing that! We want to provide not only a family atmosphere for those waiting on forever homes but also help to empower parents and families to believe that MORE is possible! We see YOU. We hear YOU. We want to be on this Journey with you.