How are the classrooms structured?

Our classes are divided into 3 homerooms: one for older “higher” functioning, one for older “lower” functioning, and one for younger ones. During the day each class will rotate to Math/Science, Language Arts, and Life Skills. We are also doing some of our “electives” with All Nations Community School so has to provide social integration!

Is the campus safe?

One of the reasons we chose this facility was because it is completely gated and aside from drop off and pick up time, the gates will be closed and locked to keep even the most adventurous of students safe.

My child doesn’t communicate with words, is that okay?

Absolutely! We believe that out loud words are not required for communication and we want to learn the “language” of your child and help them connect with people around them!

Do you only accept certain diagnoses?

Nope! Our school accepts children with any differing ability- we currently have students with Autism, Down syndrome, genetic disorders, Cerebral Palsy, communication disorders, and more!