Journey of a Joyful Life Adoption Grant


Hello! Goodness we just want to hug you and sit at your feet and listen to all that has already unfolded in your adoption journey. We know that the process is not simple but know that we are praying for you and your family- for strength and provision and so much laughter along the way.


Because of generous donors, Journey of a Joyful Life will now be accepting adoption grant applications with deadlines four times a year. We are honored that you would allow us to become a part of your adoption journey. All applicants are welcome, but due to limited funding, we cannot award grants to all qualified applicants. Funding priority will be given, but not limited, to families adopting children with special needs with the greatest financial need who complete the application process with integrity, establishing that they are equipped to provide a child with a loving forever home.


Before you apply:

  • Your home study or home study update must be completed in order to apply

  • You must be in process using a 'placement agency' (this is not referring to your home study agency) that is a 501(c)3 agency licensed to place children

  • Applications cannot be submitted for independent adoptions (through lawyers, facilitators, or humanitarian organizations not licensed to place children)

  • Applications cannot be submitted for:

    • Independent adoptions through lawyers, facilitators, or humanitarian organizations licensed to place children

    • Embryo adoptions

    • Adoptions from non-Hague Convention countries

    • Adoptions for which placement has occurred

    • Adoptions for which an application has already been submitted

Collect the following pieces of information to facilitate your application):

  • IRS tax information for the last two years it is available (Copies of those years' W2s and tax returns)

  • Net worth of property, investments, goods, and liquid assets

  • Annual budget information for both income and expenses

  • Address, phone, name, and email of your adoption agency and caseworker

  • Your home study

The Application Process:

  1. The complete application process is online. You will be required to upload documents, including your homestudy and tax documents. You may need to scan in your documents using a mobile app scanner or a scanner available at FedEx Office or your local library.

  2. You will also need references from your pastor and your adoption agency It is a good idea to send an email from your personal account to the email address you will provide for both your pastor and adoption agency informing them that they will receive a request to fill out a reference. In addition, it will be your responsibility to ensure they complete their reference.

  3. Once you submit your application and your references are complete, you have completed the application process. We will conduct an initial check to make sure everything is in order. If there are any issues, you will be asked to fix those issues before your application can be accepted. Once all issues are resolved, your application will be accepted. You will receive an email with the date you will hear from us regarding the outcome of your application.

  4. All applicants will receive a letter from Journey of a Joyful Life regarding the outcome of their application.If you receive a grant, you will also get instructions on how and when funds are disbursed. Your agency will also receive a copy of your award letter along with instructions on what they need to do to receive funds. All funds are disbursed directly to the agency.

  5. For international adoptions, funds are disbursed within three months of the travel date to complete the adoption, and for domestic adoptions they are disbursed when the child is placed in your home. Funds are mailed approximately 20 business days from receipt of the disbursement request.

  6. Your grant is available for disbursement for up to three years after the award date. Journey of a Joyful Life will request regular updates from your agency and/or family regarding the status of your adoption process. If an extension is needed beyond three years, please email for additional details.



There are 4 application deadlines throughout the year:

  • March 1

  • June 1

  • September 1

  • December 1

Your application is complete after you successfully submit your application and all references and documents are submitted. Your application date is the day your complete application is submitted to Journey of a Joyful Life. If some portion of your application or references is not complete, you will be moved to the next deadline.

Processing the application takes a minimum of 90 days after the application deadline.